Do you think rolled cigarettes are better for you than ordinary ones?!

Question: Do you think rolled cigarettes are better for you than ordinary ones?
Some folk say there's more poison in filters.



hand rolling tobacco does not contain as much chemicals in it as there is in tailor made /filter cigarettes.tailor made cics have more chemicals in them to guarantee that they always taste the same and always keep lit,these are chemicals which hand-rolling tobacco does not contain,and also why you have to draw harder to get a decent smoke,hand rolling cigarettes can be made just as good as tailor made it just takes practise.try this, make a hand-rolling cig and light it and light a tailor
made cig and sit them in the ashtray without smoking them and see which one burns out the quickest!you can also get filter tips to use with the hand-rolling cig.and they are far cheaper and you will also smoke less of them.

Obviously no smoking is best, but to answer your Q, rolling tobacco is better than ready mades due to all the chemicals used mainly in the paper of tailor made cigs. Try roll ups for a week then go back to normal ones and you'll immediately taste the chemicals.

maybe, but they'll aggravate the hell out of you making them, and it's hard to get them packed as tightly as regular cigarettes, so you don't get as intense of a smoke. Try unfiltered Pall Malls.

No. Some folk will be dead folk soon.

Its not better for you, its just less worse.

Rolly smoker.

What you should do: Eat it. It's the same as smoking, but it's muuuuuch healthier.

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