I cannot sleep during 2:30 to 3:30 EVERY night for the past few days...why?!

Question: I cannot sleep during 2:30 to 3:30 EVERY night for the past few days...why?
So for the past few days i have been able to fall asleep pretty fast and I am sleeping well until it turns 2:30 am and for that hour I am not able to sleep AT ALL. I feel wide awake and can only go to sleep after 3:30...Is there anything wrong or is it just normal? Thanks for your time! (:


I've had this before and it lasted about a year, when I finally went to the doctors he said it was to do with body clock. At the weekends do you usually go to bed after 2/3 am on a regular basis? As this could make your body think that's a normal time to be awake and so wake you up.

It's probably just a phase, take measurements like making sure your room is as dark as possible, you haven't had caffeine or food for a few hours before bedtime and you don't leave your lamps or TV on. As well, make sure you have a glass of water by your bed and go to the toilet before you sleep so that your body isn't waking you up to do these things.

I wouldn't worry, if it's really affecting your day to day life then go to the doctors and see if they can recommend anything but otherwise it's probably just a phase. I know how annoying it is though, so good luck :)

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