Bruise won't go away ?!

Question: Bruise won't go away ?
I'm sure it's nothing but it's best to be safe than sorry.
like 2 and a half weeks ago, I ran into the corner of a wooden table. and got a bruise. it's kind of a thick line about 1 and a half inches long and like 5 centimeters thick. and I got the bruise right away and I still have it. I've never had a bruise this long. trust me I know. I'm an athletic junky and I'm accident prone, but never had a bruise this long. it won't go away lol.
should I ignore it or keep an eye on it?
thank you


i don't believe there is anything to worry about, but, yes, keep an eye on it. i had a bruise for months, and it eventually did go away.

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