I was cleaning and hip went out when laying down what do i do now?!

Question: I was cleaning and hip went out when laying down what do i do now?
Hi I know this gonna sound werid but I'm 20 fem...I cleaned my kitchen completly dishes cabinets counters floor apliances it was all going good till I laied down to rest after I was done and my left hip went out I can't move it if I do it dose this really bad pinching sensation I'm stuck on my left side how can I fix this issue any tips?


This is why I recommend to my clients to always have a land line low to the floor. wherever your phone is you have to make your way there painful as it will be. Then you need to call 911. if unable to do that you may be on the floor until someone comes home sorry to say. The only thing to do for a dislocated hip is to go to ER and x-ray it. If it is dislocated then you will be put to sleep while they put it back in place! Also as a 20 year old this shouldn't happen. This needs to be looked at too.


if you can get to a chiropractor then chiropractic treatment will help you in the longterm as this could be a sign of damage caused by poor posture that is very common, locking up your hip is probably easily fixable with some realignment. a consultation at the chiropractor's office will know for sure.

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