Why do I always get an upset stomach?!

Question: Why do I always get an upset stomach?
Okay so this started off about three years ago. I kept getting an upset stomach every saturday (sometimes sunday) morning. I'd wake up in the early hours of the morning feeling sick with an upset stomach (not throwing up though). I didnt eat anything before bed, didnt eat anything undercooked etc no possible explanation. Then a few months ago I wore off and I didnt get it until this morning when I was awake for about an hour and it started I felt really bad (I know this is embarrassing but I couldnt go to the toilet properly yesterday bit constipated) and when I ate three cookies this morning I got a badly upset stomach and felt so ill was shaking and aching all over. I felt so tired I didnt look well my eyes looked a little sunken and I felt so tired ( I go to bed at ridiculous times of night btw)
After a few hours I fell asleep for about 10 minutes, woke up and was alright again. Now I'm feeling very tired and a little achey and yuck again.
What could this be? I havent eaten anything funny, no stress or medical issues, no pregnancy (obviously) or anything either.
Someone please help, and no stupid answers.


It could be ibs, irritable bowel syndrome. If u type it in Google u can find info. It just happens and is no cure. It's not serious lots of people have it, I do too. It's intolerance to some food, it can be anything, milk, wheat like bread etc. Visit if doc and he can run some tests to see if it is wheat intolerance. Keep a food diary and cut one thing out at a time and see if u can figure it out. Check for blood though as that can b bowel cancer but sounds like ibs

this happened to me too.
it means you need to eat more fiber.
when you have a stomach ache, have a fiber bar or something that has lots of fiber (an apple can work as well)

my own experience

Perhaps you need more digestive enzymes and energy enzymes from more fruit and vegetables to improve your digestion and to boost your energy level.

Have you had a blood test?

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