Back Pain, won't go away!!!!!?!

Question: Back Pain, won't go away!!!!!?
Basically I did a 12 hour shift in a factory and it was very fast paced and throughout the shift I could feel my back getting worse. I got home and slept and when I woke it wasn't too bad.
I spent the day doing bits and bobs and my back got so bad I was heaving and crying with the pain. I rested up but now, 3 days later!!!!, I am still in pain. I don't understand why???
It's from my neck down to the base of my spine, not all at once, different areas, yesterday it was my neck but at the moment its a very dull ache at the base of my spine which makes me feel sick :(
Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?? I'm back in work sunday :((, was meant to be today but not physically able!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe because your bending down a lot on the job. Like have you ever bent over for a while and it begins to ache? Try to sit up (or stand up) straight when doing the job. Relax your back a bit. Try talking to a doctor too.

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