Knee problem...clicking and pain after a fall...any ideas what it could be?!

Question: Knee problem...clicking and pain after a fall...any ideas what it could be?
I hurt my knee playing rugby- I went into tackle someone and landed heavily on one knee and it is now hurting. At the time I played on, and it didnt hurt much but I noticed it was clicking, and a few hours after the match it started hurting when I bent it, when I went down stairs and if I put all my weight on it. Its a bit swollen and it clicks a lot now when I move it. Its not massively painful but it does hurt and the clicking is really making me cringe.
Any ideas what it could be? (:
thanks (:


ice and elevate it as much as possible for a few days. take ibuprofen for swelling. knees are complex. follow the advice of the person who suggested an orthopedic surgeon consultation if pain persists. i ignored knee pain until i had to be on crutches before i could get remedial surgery. i wish i had seen the surgeon sooner.

If you are younger , you have more growth plates then full grown adults, so you could have chiped or broke on of them, also if there is more fluid in your leg, this could be a cause of a broken growth plate.
maybe you sprung your knee , sounds kinda impossible considering your knee if a strong part of your body and you bend and move it everyday, but you can very much , badly injure it.

best of luck
p.s maybe get seen by a doctor?

I've had the same thing happen to me, and the problem went away after a few days on it's own. I went to see a doctor when I hurt it a second time, but they didn't do anything except tell me they didn't know what it was and to stay off it for a few days.

Torn cartillage perhaps.

I have had this in both knees

An injured knee?

sounds maybe like a chipped bone or maybe somethings out of joint

I would say that you should have your doctor send you for physio. 6 years ago i hurt my knee when simply walking out of a shop and i ignored it but i still had pain two years later i had my first knee operation to repair the cruciate ligament. Because i had left it two long i have had further problems with my knee in that i have early onset of arthritis cartilage damage partial tear of the posterior cruciate ligament and damage to my knee cap and have had a further two operations. In may this year i am going back into hospital to have a further operation that involves draining the blood from my leg so as they can pump strong painkillers directly to my knee.

Get it checked out and don't be a fool like me

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