Does the modern day hippocratic oath condemn or allow euthanasia?!

Question: Does the modern day hippocratic oath condemn or allow euthanasia?
I'm writing an article to argue the case FOR euthanasia. One argument against it is that it goes against the hippocratic oath (even though many doctors don't swear to the oath nowadays).

The original oath clearly states that euthanasia is wrong and should not be practiced, but the modern day version is less clear.

Does the modern day version allow euthanasia or condone it?

If anyone has any helpful links to any sites which may clear up my confusion then that would be much appreciated.

Heres a link so the hippocratic oath:…


Looks like the modern oath is intentionally vague on that topic. That makes it open to interpretation, so argue your interpretation.…

The argument for Euthanasia, Dignitas or Assisted Suicide.…
That circumvents any need for any Doctor to be in attendance, thereby not putting any Doctor under any moral or legal problems.
However the opposite argument, people who are dying, say from cancer a painful condition with no cure. The Doctor will treat to kill the pain, which will get worse as there is no cure, so eventually the pain killer used will be so toxic it will kill the patient.

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