I have a realy bad headache and my shaulders hurt also feel..please help ?!

Question: I have a realy bad headache and my shaulders hurt also feel..please help ?
Like iam going to piuck uhh! I had it all say! My neck is in so much pain)= what can i do? I alrady took an advil


Try taking 2 Tylenol and 1 Ibuprofen together with plenty of food for pain. Use Ice no heat ,20 minutes per hour as tolerated. If you have pain in your neck that goes into your shoulder that means there is a tightness in your neck. You need start doing neck stretching exercises. You can either gets some handouts from your doctor or search on the Internet for Neck Stretching exercises. They should be quick,simple and done daily. When you find a program make sure the instructions are clear and that you have a picture of each exercise before you do them. This will prevent injuries and additional pain. If you do them routinely they will lesson the pain. Do not do any exercises suggested on this site as they do not have a picture with them.

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wow, i'm going through the same thing today. What the hell?

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