Urgent- Pain Below knee?!

Question: Urgent- Pain Below knee?
I have no idea what this is. I feel sharp pain at randon times that continuously throbs in my leg sharply, About slightly below my right knee, And a little to the left is where it throbs. Please help! This has happend for about 2 days. Its very annoying, and it worries me. Is this possibly puberty?


It could possibly be tendinitis- which is swelling of the tendons. What happens is you over-exert those tendons during any activity- simple or intense , and it causes very painful swelling and inflammation of the tendons. Im thinking it might be patellar tendinitis- since where you're describing the pain is right by the patella, and it is under it. I would go see a specialist to make sure its nothing more serious. For right now- ice, tylenol/ advil/ motrin and elevation will do wonders. Try to avoid over-exerting or using that knee until you know exactly what the problem is. The specialist might prescribe a pain medication to ease the pain and he may also suggest a knee brace to support the bad knee and perhaps a time period of not using that knee. Hope I helped

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no idea

next time post more information (for starters your gender) and more people can help you.

My advise: go see a doctor

ahh... growing pains. I hate em

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