slept on my neck wrong?!

Question: Slept on my neck wrong?
Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain? I've taken tylenol, the pain is just radiating down my neck and shoulders.

I'm 21w pregnant as well, so I can't really medicate much, I'm just trying to think stretches, relaxation techniques, massage, what's going to work???


Gentle massage may be comforting. Lay down with your head supported on pillows and keep your neck straight. The head is heavier than you think and it takes a lot of work for neck muscles to hold it up. A warm towell or a heating pad on the painful area will be helpful.

Call your OB doctor and ask for advice for pain medication that will not be harmful to your baby if the pain is severe.

If you just have a sore muscles in your neck, they should feel better in several days.


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