what happened to my ankle?!?!

Question: What happened to my ankle?!?
well after school i was just playing around with my friends and my friend was like :dragging" me somewhere and then i just like fall...i ended up (left ankle) like stepping on the side of it and its like my ankle failed and i just fell and i couldn't get up for awhile after that but maybe 7 or 8 min i got up and i couldn't like walk regularly on it that well..i had to limp because it hurt so much, and now (about 5 hours after this happened) it still hurts ALOT. i thought the pain would just go away but it didn't...should i go to the doctor? I'm thinking i should, but i wanna know before because it takes awhile to get into my doctors -.-''...did i like pop it out of place or something? help... >.<


If you heard a "POP!", you have a sprain. If you heard a "SNAP!", you broke it. Try to get to a doctor ASAP. Ankle injuries aren't fun. :(

Almost 14, had a bazillion ankle sprains in one ankle last year.

You need to get to doctor right away and stay off foot until you do go to see them.

you broke it:)

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