What's wrong with her thumb?!?!?! Please help I'm very scared!!!!?!

Question: What's wrong with her thumb?!?!?! Please help I'm very scared!!!!?
My 12 year old daughter broken the sesamoid bone in her thumb 9 weeks ago. It was a complete fracture and it was separated a little. She was put in a cast for three weeks and got it off on february 28th. She's in no cast or anything right now. Shes still in lots of pain. Here's her symptoms.

Swelling of whole hand

Little bit of bruising

Tingling in thumb and index finger

Non-stop throbbing in thumb

Coldness in thumb at times

Unable to move thumb and index finger

Twitching in thumb which causes lots of pain

Aching up whole arm and hand

She sees her orthopedic doctor in 3 days. I've been icing her hand and given her painkillers.

Could her thumb still be broken?

What else could be wrong?

What will the doctors do?


I thought broken bones took longer than 3 weeks to heal, especially for serious fractures? My guess is that its still broken, or didn't heal properly. The numbness, coldness, and twitching could be taken as an indication of nerve damage, another sign it didn't heal properly, or got injured worse.

There's not many other options for what else could be wrong, really... I mean, this is one of those "walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... its a duck" sorta things. She's got a bunch of signs of a broken bone, and you already said she previous broke her thumb severely. Ergo, its easy to rule out just about everything else.

The doctors will probably do X-Rays, see what the situation is, and decide on the proper treatment. Depending on how bad it is, they may have to operate to make sure the bones are reset properly and the nerves aren't damaged.

I agree with the person who first answered your question. Any bone takes at least 6 weeks to heal, one that has totally separated might even take longer.

I hope you are going to another doctor.

It is good she is going in again in two days. INSIST on another x-ray. Some of these doctors are just quacks.

I heard that on and off pain is normal for up to 6 months after a fracture, But if you think somethings wrong you should really take her to a doctor as a doctor would be able to tell for sure if its something to worry about or not


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