What am I suppose to do about my neighbors smoking weed all the time?!

Question: What am I suppose to do about my neighbors smoking weed all the time?
They do it all the time and my family leaves the windows open for fresh air but the smell comes in no matter what. It smells utterly freaking gross!


Mind your business. It is not worth starting drama with your neighbors over something like that.
Get some room spray, or light a candle if you cant just shut the window.

phone the police.
i dont know which country you live in, but if you live in uk, then you can call crimestoppers and let them know about this. you dont need to give your name or details. its all confidential and if the police catches them red-handed, then you can get paid £500 for the information and you can have a nice fresh air to breathe in x

tell them whats going on. just because they smoke doesnt mean theyre bad people. tell them the situation and dont threaten them by calling the cops. just let that be unsaid. theyll get the idea.
do you live somewhere where it is legal?

Keep your windows closed or call the police---they shouldn't be smoking weed so much that it can harm you or your family. Do not smoke---move on and ignore them

you can call the cops. if all else fails, you can always join them & spend some time behind bars. your choice.

You can always turn them in.

Like a skunks butt right? As far as I know, smoking marajuana is illegal. Phone police.

Just be like "Hey guys, if you're going to smoke do it somewhere else please?"

Smoke with them. Chill out man

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