Hit my leg really hard?!

Question: Hit my leg really hard?
I was jogging in the evening and didnt notice a a short parking-restriction pole in the ground, and unfortunately ran into it at full speed... It was metal and damn immovable, and i hit my leg really hard in the area above the knee and below the crotch, i forgot what that muscle is called...

It really hurts to bend my leg now, and walking is painful too. I am 100% positive its just the muscle, but DAMN does it hurt!!!!! what can i do to make it go away faster?


Surgical removal will make the quadricept go away really fast...Oh you probably mean the pain.
Apply ice to reduce swelling and exercise it gently to improve circulation to remove pain.
ice 15 minutes every 4 hours mild exercise. If it hurts don't do it.
It will take two to four weeks to heal

first aid.

Not much you can do. Easy stretching, heating pad for about 20-30 minutes at a time, light pressure massage. Advil. Might take a week of recovery.

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