How to get my boyfriend t stop smoking weed?!

Question: How to get my boyfriend t stop smoking weed?
We'll I'm 17 and my boyfriend is also. I've known him for a few years now and i'm dating him for so far 1 year :) (and counting). His always smoked weed although ive never really noticed until i began dating him. His cut down now to once or every two weeks but it still upsets me a lot. I've talked to him about how much it hurts me when he does it, and in that time he understands me...couple weeks later does weed (his always told me never lied about if he did it or not which i appreciate) he then says his sorry, he does weed 1 week later...oh sorry babe, does weed again oh sorry babe and the cycle goes on. I've told him that he doesnt mean the sorry but he insists that he means it. I honestly dont know what to do anymore. Talking about it doesnt seem to work, ive tried giving up something i love if he gives up weed (didnt work) and so on. Im just really stuck. I dont know what else to do anymore, its hard to totally fully explain everything and i'm not the perfect girlfriend ither but i'm just wondering if anyone out their is going through something similar like this or has been. I'd love to hear some advice or what anyone thinks about this... or tips. I wouldnt want to ignore him or do any stupid **** like that though...

I honestly love this guy so much and i dont want to give up and i dont want to turn to those girls that end up doing weed with the guy. So please please please



I personally smoke weed and ive never had problems with being addicted or other things like that and I prefer it to alcohol which will kill you. From what I understand if this person truly loves you it wouldn't be a problem for him to stop smoking, and if not he would either hide it from you which would eventually destroy the relationship or would have a sit down so you two can talk out the pros and cons of him quitting. at least that's how I feel and remember be open don't immediately denounce something if you don't know much about. and to Wallace's daughter: if he does not love her enough to put it down then wouldn't withholding sexual interactions make him cheat

Common Sense and experience

How do you I...i mean he doesn't mean the sorry, also how does it feel to hurt after you know they have smoked a little reef. Have you ever smoked before? You need to chill out and have his baby because you love him and your 17

real life

drugs is extremely addicting so if you just tell him it hurts you it wont just make him stop.

What's so wrong about smoking weed, especially if he only does it once or twice a week?

Ask him why he does and and ask him how you could help him quit? Maybe that would work good luck

Well if you have been with him for one year you should have trust.... i have been dating my girlfriend for three months and counting and we have alot of trust for eachother... just tlk to him about it and hopfully he will stop..... careful not to push too hard thou..... push it sometimes wait a week or so and push it again... eventually he will stop... or learn to hide it better.... hope everything works out :)

So Here are Your "Choices": You can Either Dump Him- or put up with It. -He's obviously more hooked on the Weed- than He is on You. And if the Best He can do is just makes Promises he can't keep, with Excuses he can't defend- the Final Answer is up to You !! :o

Some Things depend on You.

Your BF is a drug addict, sweetie -- until and unless he goes to drug rehab and WANTS to stop using weed -- he won't -- nothing you can do -
So now your decision is -- do you want to waste more than the year you have already wasted on a drug addict -- or does he love you enough to stop using and get help???
My sister like a boy that used -- and he wanted to date her -- she told him she would NOT date a drug addict - and that if he'd get clean, she'd date him -- and that if he went to rehab - she would not date anyone else until he was clean for a year!! AND he had to start going to church with her --
He wanted her badly enough to do it -- he stayed clean -- and they've been married 35 years!!
Don't accept excuses - either stand you're ground - or live with it --
The bad thing is - weed often leads to other drug use --
Your BF will have to give up his druggie friends and habits -- You're 17 -- how much of life do you want to waste?

Well first of all, let him do it. Weed is not harmful, I know from experience. Just don't do weed. But seriously, your brain makes THC which is found in Cannabis. It shouldn't even be illegal. It's only illegal because it would crush the paper companies. Anyways, every one or two weeks is pretty good. If my boyfriend told me to quit I would dump them. Tell him to make it into milk or brownies or something. Marijuana is natural and technically not a drug. So yeah, that's my input. The only way smoking weed is dangerous is cause of the smoke, not the actual Salvia and THC. Weed is very beneficial actually. The only way you could die is if you took over 4000 hits in 14 minutes. I'm shitting you not.
P.S. This is my dad's account I'm a teenage girl :p

So yeah. Let him. But if you really want to take the wonderful gift of weed from him, then withhold sexual interactions. But seriously, no ones perfect and I'm sure he doesn't like some of the stuff you do except his "faults" (fault in your opinion.)

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