I slammed my closet door against my head and I now have a headache?!

Question: I slammed my closet door against my head and I now have a headache?
I was opening my closet door and I opened it fast and hard.My head happened to stop the door lol and the door slammed into the left side of my head.It slammed about diagonally from my the front of my ear to the hairline.(If that makes sense)A line popped up/out,my head hurts badly and I am so tired.I put ice on it but it made it hurt worse.The line that popped up is not long nor "bad" but I'm still worried.My mom always said if you hit your head and had a knot to stay awake for two hours-should I?Please help I'm freaking out..


Go tell you mum. If you have banged it hard can lead to concussion I would tell your mum asap spes if your feeling tired after the bang please go tell your mum so she can at least keep an eye on you

Unless you have an underlying condition(or incredibly strong), it's very unlikely that you are able to propel a door fast enough to give yourself a concussion. A headache is to be expected with a head injury. If you are getting blurred vision or feeling tired, you should talk to a doctor.

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