HELP ! pain just below Shoulder blade ?!

Question: HELP ! pain just below Shoulder blade ?
if anyone can give me some help that would be great. yesterday i was working in the garden re-soiling the bedding and lifting heavy Equipment round and statues to go in the garden, i didn't feel any pain at all but when i woke up i had a real heavy sharp pain just bellow my shoulder bone, its been about 1 hour since i woke up and the pain has got considerably worse, every time i move my arm the pain increases ALOT. when-ever i do move my left arm there is a huge shot of pain and its not nice, ive tried heat-spray, but i dont think its working, im not sure if ive pulled my muscle.
i keep finding spots where i have to keep my arm so the pain is bareable. everytime i get shots of pain it takes my breath away and stops me from doing what it was that i was doing.
if anyone could help me in any way it would be a great help. thank you :)


just rest up and take painkillers, it will pass in a couple of days.

..Occasionally apply hot bottle and take 2 panadol every 3 hours..for 1 day.

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