What is this sharp pain going up my arm?!

Question: What is this sharp pain going up my arm?
whenever i stretch my right arm there is like a really painful sensation that goes up my arm the higher i lift it. If i just touch it when my arm is down i can't feel it so its not like a normal muscle ache and it feels more sharp. I haven't done anything to it and it has been here about 4 days With is a lot longer than a normal muscle ache for me. What is it


It is a pulled muscle, or you may possibly have some rotator cuff damage. Since this has been going on for days and only happens when you lift your arm, you can rule out heart attack. If it does not get any better soon I would certainly ask your doctor where to go from there.

Consult a doctor asap. Sharp arm pain without muscle aches can indicate blood pressure and heart trouble.

..it's raining.

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