What's wrong with her thumb?!?!?! Please help I'm very scared!?!

Question: What's wrong with her thumb?!?!?! Please help I'm very scared!?
My 12 year old daughter broken the sesamoid bone in her thumb 9 weeks ago. It was a complete fracture and it was separated a little. She was put in a cast for three weeks and got it off on february 28th. She's in no cast or anything right now. Shes still in lots of pain. Here's her symptoms.

Swelling of whole hand

Little bit of bruising

Tingling in thumb and index finger

Non-stop throbbing in thumb

Coldness in thumb at times

Unable to move thumb and index finger

Twitching in thumb which causes lots of pain

Aching up whole arm and hand

Thumb looks kinda dislocated

She sees her orthopedic hand specialist on Monday. I've been icing her hand and given her painkillers. But she's still in much pain.

I personally think it also might be dislocated too and might be pressing on a nerve.

Could her thumb still be broken?

What else could be wrong?

What will the doctors do?

Don't say goto a doctor and get x-rays right now. She said she will wait until her appointment. I just want to try to figure out what's wrong! Thanks!


Your daughter's thumb has probably not healed all the way. She could have re broken it and didn't realize it.

She might have done something to her nerves and that is why her whole arm aches. Make sure that she is keeping it still, and resting it all the time.

The thumb is probably dislocated and needs to be put back in place. For the swelling, keep putting ice on it.

If she is really bothered by it, then I would recommend going to a doctor immediately, something could be very wrong. I know you said that she is waiting for an appointment, but you should bring her in as quickly as possible!

The doctors will most likely put it back in place-if it is dislocated- and maybe put a new cast on. She will be okay, don't be scared.

Good luck, I hope I helped!

It sounds like it is still broken or like you said, the joint is dislocated so if she refuses to go back for an x-ray, continue to to keep it iced to keep down the swelling and also to numb the pain somewhat, keep giving her the prescribed pain killers and put her arm in a sling until she is examined by the orthopedic specialist.

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