My ankle clicks when I walk!?!

Question: My ankle clicks when I walk!?
When I walk, especially when I am walking up stairs, my right ankle clicks quite loudly. It doesn't hurt normally, but it is really annoying, i have had it for around a year now. What causes it? Is there any cure ? Thanks :)

Btw I'm 14 years old


im 14 too! i have the same problems, iv been to the doctor they dont know what causes this. they said that mine was most likley from spraining and rolling my ankle an overexcessive amount in my childhood. you may sprain your ankle and not even know it. They said it is commen in athleates which i am an elite soccer player they guessed thyat iv sprained my ankle 56 time in my lifetime thats alot. this is a perment injury sadly and it does get annoying. they gave me some tips to subside the effects, they told me to strech my ankle and rotate it around also ice when its bad and wrap at school in an ace bandage! this is help loads, goodluck xx

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