Sharp pains in my head?!

Question: Sharp pains in my head?
Ever since I was little I would go through phases where my head would get these sharp pains that last about 3 seconds it feels like it's inside my brain and I recently started to get them again.

What could it be?


i have the same thing. today they were in my left upper side of the head, sometimes they are in teh right. but of course it got me worried to so i did a little research and they are pretty much normal...

It could be nothing or it could be something, the best you can do is see a doctor, I used to have this sharp pains in my head and horrible headaches that I wanted to pull out my head to see if that way the pain will stop, then i went to the doctor and find out that it was migraine, it is better to fight some pains when you know from were they come, what it is that trigger the pain and what to do to stop them.

maybe alot of stress, maybe its "mini seizures" or maybe its just bad head aches

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