i take 21 vicodin a day for about 4 days and then i waitfor the next script what!

Question: I take 21 vicodin a day for about 4 days and then i waitfor the next script what will happen doing this?
I have only been doing this for about 2 and a half years


While the above answer is right about over dosing and stuff you need to tell the Dr. who is prescribing the to you. He can help you to withdraw in a safe way. There is also a fairly new drug that interferes with the receptors in the brain that Vicoden affects. This helps with withdrawal by lessening the Symptoms.

If you have no desire to quit the that is up to you. How do you feel when you have to wait that 18 days? Quitting has to be your decision. No one can do it for you. Good luck either way,


Hi Texas, if your being serious then you have a very serious addiction, taking huge amounts of vicodin can cause many problems including mental illness, no one ever needs 21 vicodin a day, you need help quick or you could soon overdose, talk to your doctor but not the same one who is prescribing these painkilling drugs to you.

Hey man hows things?

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