Is it possible to tear a muscle this way?!

Question: Is it possible to tear a muscle this way?
Earlier today I banged the back of my arm, my tricep, on a sharp piece of furniture.

Yea it hurt, I exercise but constantly worry about injuring myself. I don't see my muscle swimming up or down and it don't hurt to flex it, but I just wanna know is it even at all possible to tear something this way?

I know it's a weird question, but you got a lot of those when you're health conscious.


Without knowing the details of injury its hard to say but from what you have described it sounds very unlikely that you have done any damaged to the underlying tissues (muscle or tendon).

If the muscle was to rupture there would be an obvious deformity on the back of you arm, and you would have severe weakness when straightening out your arm.

A partial tear would give you quite a lot of pain when straightening your arm.

As i said it sounds unlikely, if you knocked it quite hard you may just have some soft tissue swelling. I think the best thing to do would be to just wait and see, if you get some pain take some Ibuprofen and if it doesn’t subside in a day or two take yourself off to see your doctor.

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it's possible but most've probably just bruised the thing...& sorry, but we actually call it being a hypochondriac....totally different than being health conscious...

It's possible, go to the doctors just to double check since your health conscious.

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