TIPS: on how not to fall asleep in class?!

Question: TIPS: on how not to fall asleep in class?
I have gotten really lazy in trying to wake up to go to school. School is almost over. TAKS is coming up. And in class i just feel so lazy all the time. I dont even feel like doing my homework. I get way to distracted. TIPS on how to be more motivated and AWAKE when going to school??


Are you getting enough sleep at night? Try tapping your pencil, shaking your leg, Chewing gum, eating peppermints, or ask your teacher if you could pace the class, haha it worked for me. :) Have little rewards for yourself when you stay awake in class or if you find yourself being involved and paying attention, like by buying yourself an Ice-cream at lunch. Hope this helped!

Drink coffee/energy drinks, take notes, maybe even get a recorder so that in case you do faze out a little you can go back to it later.

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