My menstrual cramps are severe is this Normal? PLEASE HELP!!?!

Question: My menstrual cramps are severe is this Normal? PLEASE HELP!!?
When I get my period I'm terrified cause I get horrible cramps. Worse then Anybodys. Their to the point where I'm curled on the bathroom floor crying and puking. I puke the whole day. The pain is unbearable to the point where I've considered surgery to get it removed. Is there anything wrong or is pain this strong normal? Im not exaggerating though it is the worst pain in my life and Im so scared to get it. I'm 14 years old and I developed awfully fast and I have the maturity of a 18 year old. It was exactly 1 month after I turned 10 I got my period. Please help i really don't know how much longer I can go through that pain..


It is not normal to have such severe menstrual pain. You need to get this problem checked out. I had a problem like this and it turned out to be endometriosis. You can look that disease up on WebMd. You can't be diagnosed until you are seen by a doctor. There are other problems that can cause severe mentrual pain as well. There are also ways to treat the problems that cause such severe pain.

Tell your Mom what's going on. Ask her to set up an appt. for you to get treated. Just keep in mind that all women have periods, all women have to have check ups to stay healthy. Hope this helps.


I take Pamprin and it kinda helps. But you could take birth control pills and it can lesson the cramps. Just go to the doctor or a clinic.

It's not just you, some people do puke because of cramps. So it's not totally abnormal.

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