stomach hurts after exercising?!

Question: Stomach hurts after exercising?
after i workout, my stomach normally feels like... a general upset feeling, like the pain that starts out kinda dull, then builds up to sharp pain, then dies down. within a few seconds. and it does it for like an hour or more. each time.

is this normal? i have like 5 different ab exersises during my workout. and it lasts a fairly long time.


i don't think thats normal, you shouldn't feel any sharp pains. just body soreness if anything. i used to get strong sharp pains on the side of my stomach and the doctor told me i don't drink enough water? yea i guess that was the problem, back then i drank a lot of soda, and now i rarely ever get those pains. hope this helps, if not, you should maybe see a doctor too

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