What was banned from New York schools in 1962?!

Question: What was banned from New York schools in 1962?

Reading of Prayers

The biggest boycotts took place in 1964 to protest racial segregation in the city’s schools. After school officials produced an integration plan that rejected busing as an option and lacked a timeline for implementation, civil rights leaders called for a one-day school boycott. To organize the protest, black leaders tapped Bayard Rustin, fresh off organizing the March on Washington at which Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” address. On Feb. 3, 1964, 464,362 of the city’s 1 million schoolchildren stayed home, making the boycott “the largest civil rights demonstration in U.S. history,” Time Magazine reported at the time, noting that black leaders initially considered the protest “a whoopee success” while at the same time the president of the city’s Board of Education disparaged it as “a fizzle.”


prayer/pledge/observation of any religion


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