Should I go to the hospital?!

Question: Should I go to the hospital?
I sprained my ankle last night. I landed it on it wrong, I sort of swiveled on it when I landed and I heard it grind. It hurt so much I fell over. It didn't hurt to walk on right away, but after I elevated and iced it off and on throughout the evening, it hurts more than ever.

It isn't as bulgy and veiny as it was last night, in fact there's very little discoloration. It's a little purple now. I can extend it, I've had to to drive my kids to school, but otherwise it's sore when I walk on it, lifting my toes to my knee and moving it side to side is painful.

I know I should get it X-rayed, but if it's just a little sprain, what will they do? Tell me to stay off it and tell me to take tylenol? Because if that's the case, I'm going to save myself the bill.

Can I wait a day or two to see how it progresses?
Do all sprains feel like this? I've sprained my ankle plenty as a kid and they were nothing compared to this.


You are correct. It sounds like a minor sprain. Stay off the ankle, take Tylenol for pain. I mean, really stay off it. Don't put any weight on it at all. That means, get crutches.

Had a sprained ankle once.

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