how much water can you drink in one day?!

Question: How much water can you drink in one day?
so im 16, and i love drinking water. so i drink it like.. all day. and just water.

i drink the great value bottles of water. that come in like the 25 pack. of water bottles.

i forget how many ounces they are. but yeah you might know what im talking about.

i drink like 5-8 sometimes more. of these things per day. is this something to be worried about? or am i okay?


Each bottle of water is usually 2 cups(~8 ounces a cup) which means that you average around 12 cups of water everyday if I know what you mean by great value bottles of water. Average people only need around 8-10 cups to function properly. Do you exercise? Drinking plenty of water is not a bad thing if you do exercise. However, overflowing yourself with too much water can cause some problerms such as water intoxication. What basically happens when your intoxicated is that you feel like you are basically drowning. However, unless you drink that 5-8 bottles of water in an hour, its highly unlikely to suffer from water intoxication because it doesnt matter how much u drink, as long as you drink it over a period of time. The important thing is, dont chug water when you are thirsty or you are gonna be very likely to suffer from water intoxication.

No I'm just like you! I drink like 6 bottles of water a day. But I play a sport so I guess it sweats out.
Don't be worried, you're fine. As long as you aren't downing like 25 pitchers a day or some obscene amount you won't face any problems.

They say to drink 6-8 glasses of water. You can die from too much water. But if you exercise a lot, of course you'll need to replenish the water you sweat out.

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