Anyone here sleep with a Fan just for the Noise ?!

Question: Anyone here sleep with a Fan just for the Noise ?
I have been doing this for Years now and I can't sleep without one now. I use the loud Box Fans to drown out background Noise. Been using one for over 20 yrs now. How about you ?


I've used one every night for years too. The louder and more droning the noise, the better I like it. I never buy a fan advertised as being "quiet".

I never used to sleep with a fan before I came to college, then the lack of air conditioning necessitated that I have one. When I went home for the first time, I had to go out and buy a fan. That's how much I needed the noise. For sure now I can't sleep without it. It's gone far enough that it's difficult for me to fall asleep in hotel rooms, so I tried searching for an app on my phone that simulated a fan's noise. Totally addicted.

soooo weird I thought I was like the only one...i literally cant go to sleep without the noise..ive been doing it sence I was about 13 and im 20 boyfriend woyld like me to break the "habbit"but I honestly neeed it.

im in love with my fan<3

And I thought my daughter was the only weird one lol as she does this too. I really didn't think there would be other people out in this world that did this. I will let her know there is more of her kind out there.

I use the air conditioner fan for this and in the heating season use a noise machine (don't want unnecessary breezes).

My best friend can't sleep without one and I have a really hard time sleeping with one. I think is whatever works best for the person.

My mother uses a fan, but I prefer a noise machine set to the rain setting.

I do it aswell

I use my cat as blanket warmer?

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