How to deal with a broken nose or nose-related injuries?!

Question: How to deal with a broken nose or nose-related injuries?
I am a football referee (the sport where you actually kick the ball) and I deal with many injuries during the course of the game.

Most recently, many of the players I have dealt with have experienced impact-related injuries on their nose. One example is that two players jumped to head the ball and one by mistake headed the other guy's nose. The guy's nose was broken and was bleeding a lot and I didn't know how to treat it. Any suggestions on how to deal with this up until he reaches medical services?

Another example was that the ball hit one of the players in the face and his nose started bleeding but it wasn't broken. Is there any recommended treatment for this before he reaches medical services?

Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.


He said BEFORE going to the doctor.

I'm no professional, but I've played football/soccer and have dealt with similar injuries myself.

Basically you don't want to "tilt" the head back like a lto fo people say to do. It disrupts blood flow and can be detrimental if there are further injuries (concussion, etc)

BUT you do want to stop the bleeding. Have the player stand up or sit up (not lie down). Us a towell and lightly just plug the nostrils. Use your other hand to keep the rest of the towell away from his/her face so they can get plenty of air.


Try goin to the doc!

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