Can I join the navy even though I experimented with drugs in the past?!

Question: Can I join the navy even though I experimented with drugs in the past?
I am two weeks away from finishing my second semester in college. I am not happy going to college and I have an itch to get out of my comfort zone .Recently I've been thinking about joining the Navy. It's a steady job, respectable, and the possibilities are endless. The only problem is that I have smoked week before and extremely briefly experimented with ecstasy and cocaine. The drug use was over two years ago and I feel no need to ever do it again. What should I do? I am meeting with a recruiter Thursday and I don't want a very short time in my past dictate the rest of my life. If score high enough on the ASVAB would they pardon the drug use?


I myself am in the Navy. Seaman apprentice submarine sonar tech.

The drug problem may or may not be an issue depending on if law enforcement was involved. If there's no proof if it ever happening except your conscious, then I personally would not mention it. That chapter in your life us over and shut. There's no need to brung it up unless absolutely necessary. Just know that the Navy has a zero tolerance policy and will give you the boot if coming up positive on a random drug test. I've personally seen some of the big brass given the boot for coming up positive.

From enlisted recruits to admirals, the no tolerance policy applies and is enforced for all. This also goes for "designer drugs" too. Stuff that technically isn't illegal but does almost the same thing as illegal drugs. Examples of designer drugs are spice and salvia.

Back to your question, if law enforcement WAS involved or if law enforcement and/or past employers have documentation about it, you'll need to ask your recruiter about a drug waiver. This may or may not disqualify you from more technical rates. High ASVAB scores do not make up for previous run ins with the law. It doesnt necessarily rule you out, but I'm trying to say that geniuses get no special privileges when it comes to matters like this.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me through Y!A.

(disclaimer: the statement is my personal opinions and views. They may not necessarily represent the Navy's official stance with their drug policy. Again, my personal opinions).

Dude if they have no record of doing it they wont know

you'll be fine

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