FEAR OF SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need help!!?!

Question: FEAR OF SPEAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need help!!?
For years now I have been horrified about giving speeches/ talking in front of my class. It has come to the point where I am now seeking outside help. I am in my sophomore year of High School now, and in my US history class we are expected to write a 3-5 minute presentation on the unit we are now studying. I told my teacher my issue, and he said it was no problem for me to give it one on one just with him. I was very relieved, but now I am just wondering what I should say when the other students are concerned why I have not giving my presentation and why I am just sitting and watching the other kids speak. Any suggestions? THANKS!


That was nice your teacher was understanding!

If anyone asks you could just say a personal issue has come up so you were not able to prepare to do your presentation infront of the group, but luckily the teacher is letting you do it another time. That way people will probably not ask a lot of questions as it may be something you are really upset about!

Maybe when yo udo the presentation infront of your teacher, you can think of it as a rehersal for when you nay want to present infront of a group one day? As if you can do it to one person I bet you will be able to do it to a group!

Hope this helps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tell them you already went , pretend like oh , I went on thursday , remember , or make a extremely mean smart get back at them.If you tell kids you got a one on one with the teacher they might not think fairly of you and your grades , so just cover up , or lie , or something.

I have done this before , btw the I went on ______ already worked for me

well, flip it around...when you are in the audience watching someone ELSE giving a presentation, are YOU thinking any of the things about them that you are afraid people will think about YOU?
probably not. so why would anybody be thinking those things about you then?

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