How can i become best friends with popular people?!

Question: How can i become best friends with popular people?
I am Fat, my best friend is a class younger than me, and i get bullied when i am in school but when i was in Junior Infants i was best friends with the most popular girl in school now I miss that and would like to become her best friend again. Shes really nice except i don't know how we became to being just friends who barely talk to each other. Also the other girls in my class always hang around her and are always leaving me out they always hook on to each other and walk away from me every time i go near them. & this morning we have prayers to do in school i went over to them and they moved away from me leaving me behind and alone :'( I feel like im alone and no-ones here to help me! Please answer my question and HELP ME!!


Katy Perry Taylor swift lady gaga Kesha demi Lovato and Miley cyrus had these problem whether people are bullying teasing or torchering you you need to first love you self for who you are try to express yourself in songs or poems if someone is bullying you tell a teacher besides some singers had these problems and look at them now it will all pay off in the end

Lose all IQ points by covering yourself in 3 inches of make up, sleep with every other guy in school (including teachers) and drop grades to Ds/Es

No please don't, be yourself and screw anyone who doesn't like that

Things will change, trust me.
Don't even worry about becoming friends with the 'popular' kids.
Just make your own friends. All the popular kids aren't always gonna be popular.
Those who bully you karma will get them. Karmas a *****.
You'll probably end up becoming really popular and known and one day you won't even remember their names.

All the celebrities and known people now weren't known when they were younger. They were ugly and nerdy. I've seen pictures and stuff.
So for now don't even pay attention to them. Start talking to other people and friendly people that will like you for you :) You can't force someone to be your friend.

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