Why do feminists claim to have respect for self proclaimed male feminists but ar!

Question: Why do feminists claim to have respect for self proclaimed male feminists but are disrespectful towards MRAs?
who also proclaim a belief in equality?

MRAs who have done some serious campaigning for Male victims never got respect here.


Hi, you have missed me showing them respect. Smugleaf and You can't handle the Truth among others focus predominantly on equal rights from the angle of men's rights and they are both truly for equality and doing an important job. I have also campaigned for men's custody rights myself as this, to me, is the most blatant and heartbreaking inequality faced by men today.


Like I always said, feminists only want to advocate for more hate on Men, and more ridiculous rights for women. In their lalaland, that is equality. Since manginas feed that very ego, they support these manginas. But get thism they don't respect manginas, they are simply using them.

Edit : I see a couple of jabronis here ALREADY claiming MRA are misogynists. Vintage Men haters. Unfortunately, only manginas listen to their crap anyway.

MRA's don't want to actually do anything to improve the condition of men. They just want to hijack women's issues.

They attack things like child support and alimony, and complain incessantly about how unfair it is that breast cancer gets more attention then prostate cancer.

But in the world at large, their cause is not taken very seriously, because they don't rally for things that really cut men's lives short.

They don't advocate "prostate cancer awareness" and tell their buddies to go to the doctor. They don't campaign for more stringent safety conditions at work. They don't lobby for stricter laws against violence, especially gun violence. They are silent on issues like drinking and driving. They aren't out there campaigning for nutrition, so that single men will eat better and live longer.

The leading causes of early death in men are violence and accidents, which could be mitigated by more stringent laws about vehicular homicide, and gun control, and assault.

Then comes accidents in the workplace. I have gone to I don't know how many garages, and the guys are not wearing goggles when the weld, they aren't wearing gloves, or masks ... somehow they will ride it out, until the car falls right on top of them, or gasses explode in their faces.

Then comes heart disease. Where are the men, encouraging awareness among men, to eat food with less cholesterol, and more veggies.

So these guys that complain, incessantly about "men's rights" are only doing this to uproot feminism. They actually don't want to give up things that men enjoy, like gun sports, eating fatty food, or drinking in excess.

So this isn't about making life healthier for men, and increasing their quality of life, and life expectancy. It is about machismo. They don't want to be told what to do. They see more laws as a violation of men's rights. But when they put this cause before legislators, it is pretty clear why their point of view doesn't go very far.


I am also not "disrespectful" towards MRA's. I can understand why they are upset, but I think that their cause has some serious issues, stemming from their lack of support, and their lack of a real cause. One problem with their cause, is that most men don't care. As long as most guys can earn a decent living, and have a cold beer at the end of the day, and can get laid on a semi-regular basis, they can't be bothered.

You aren't going to see them picketing, and rallying, etc, unless something is really, really bad. Men would also rather live shorter lives, in exchange for not having raw veggies in the fridge, and being pressured into "talking about health issues" on a regular basis. That amounts to torture, for the average working stiff. So ... so much for a prostate cancer awareness campaign, led by men, and followed by men.

And re: child support and alimony ... not enough well-organized and informed guys are upset enough to have a unified cause, and a clear leader. The majority of men seem to be ok with the arrangement. And men who are happily married and having their own family are doing that.

I don't say this out of disrespect. I say this because it is what I have observed.


^That's why. I mean, I can defend my own position, but no way am I cutting through that crap.


LOL Are black people friendly towards the KKK? Jews to the Nazis? Palestinians to the Jews? Why should feminist be nice to misogynists?

I've never seen their campaign but I'm all for supporting man's rights so long as it isn't at the cost of women's right. Same way I don't want women's rights to impede men's rights.


Because many, though not all, MRA groups are just organized misogyny.

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