Ipod Touch Question.?!

Question: Ipod Touch Question.?
What does it mean to jailbreak your ipod? I just need a simple explination.


It is basically when you "unlock" the iPod, in order to install apps that apple does not allow. Those apps might change the appearence of your iPod, for example the lock-screen instead of slide might be press these buttons, or the home-screen may look different. When you jail-break it, you can get paid apps for free. (Installus). The Cons are that you void the apple warranty, and that you cannot update it anymore nor restore it, if you do, your iPod will lock and you cannot do anything with it.

Own a iPod Touch 3G 32GB

@_@ pretty... Uh anyway. It's a form of hacking originally done by a hacker named George "GeoHot" Hotz. "Jailbreaking - The process used to open the software of an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to allow the user greater access to the device to install non-Apple-approved software."


to amke your ipod to where everything is free

mine is jailbroken

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