My computer randomly slows down and speeds up, what's going on?!

Question: My computer randomly slows down and speeds up, what's going on?
I know a bit about computers and I have never seen a problem like this before. While running any program(ranging from Microsoft word to starcraft2) the computer would run fine for about thirty minutes. After a period of time the computer will suddenly down in speed. To relate, it looks like my ping jumped from 30 to 1,000. All game play and programs running slows down including Microsoft word. I type at around 100 gwam and randomly Microsoft word would slow down and my letters would appear very slowly to the point where I can walk away and the sentence I just typed will take a good thirty seconds to finally appear. It will last a few minutes and then return to normal for about five minutes and the process would repeat.

The computer isn't getting hot. I checked the CPU usage and there is no spike nor any random programs running. Even in task manager when looking at processes it still shows a ~90 idle and a few random others, so nothing heavy is running. The video card seems to be alright but it's a laptop so I haven't been able to actually take it apart and physically check it. Anyone have any ideas?


1) Restarting in Safe Mode with Networking(press f8 while the computer start’s up) and run malawarebytes by downloading it from "" and scan your PC to check for any malicious files on your PC.

2) MSCONFIG(type “msconfig” in run window and click on startup tab and disable the unwanted start up items)

3) Increase the Virtual Memory(right click on “My Comp”----> Properties---->Advanced Settings(performance)---->Advanced---->V… Memory ; in virtual memory change the drive from C to any other drive available and select system managed size)

4) Adding the Processor (type “msconfig” in run window and click on Boot.ini tab to increase the number of processor’s used)

5) Browser Optimization(delete cookies, files history , add-ons and reset the browser to default settings)

6) Disk Cleanup & Defragmenter(Go to C drive---->Properties and perform disk clean up and defragmentation to free up the space)

7) Registry Cleaner(Use third party software’s such as CC cleaner to fix the registry issues)

8) Un installing Unwanted Programs

Hope this helps.
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It could possibly be if you haven't defragmented your computer in a while. You can do this without downloading anything so it should be an easy fix.

Maybe the RAM is running out of memory or your laptops hard disk is full or it can be the effect of a Virus..

Probably an error somewhere with the CPU - Motherboard or Ram - Motherboard connections.
Either they can't fully work with each other, or your Windows aren't installed correctly.
What kind of Windows are you using? Include the bits.
How old is your computer?
Name your computer parts: your Ram, CPU, etc.
Is this the first time this has happened? How many times? How long ago?
When was the last time you reinstalled your PC?

I will check your question later,
I hate it when people post a problem, and can't even name their computer parts, which is the essential thing here.

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