Help! There's a tiny lump between my little and ring finger knuckle after t!

Question: Help! There's a tiny lump between my little and ring finger knuckle after they swelled from punching in karate?
So I punched something really hard during karate and my little finger and ring finger area turned very purple and blue, and the bruising spread down my hand. The two knuckles also swelled up a lot and it hurt a lot at first but after two days it was just a constant irritating throb.
It's two weeks later and the swelling and bruising is completely gone, but as the swelling went down I noticed a small lump of something between my little and ring finger knuckle. It's very small, probably about half a centimetre, and I know it shouldn't be there. It's hard but I can't tell exactly how hard as there is a little skin and flesh covering it so it's difficult to tell completely. It's between the knuckles but a little bit forward and it hurts when I put pressure on it with my hand in a fist (like if I do push-ups with fists)
Please help! I completely ignored it and let the swelling go down by itself, which I am now regretting and I am worried this could be quite bad.


Sounds like you have fractured your finger. If you did not get it X Rayed & treated but just let it heal itself, then most likely, when the bone re set, it would be slightly out of place. .. It is important that you at least get this X Rayed to see if you did break it. Your doctor can then tell you what neds to be done. ... It may be nothing, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be for your doctor to detect the cause & a cure. In the mean time,,, "stay Off your fists!" .... No point in aggravating things. I'm sure your karate teacher would agree with me on that.

Personal Experience. ... I once punched a wall in anger, & hit a stud! I went to hospital & they foind I had fractured my fingers from the blow, & I had a stress fracture in my wrist. That meant, 3 weeks in plaster. The first 2 days off work, then I had to work. After about half an hour at work, I cut the plaster Off to do my work, & put it back at the end of the day. ... I did this,until my boss stepped in & stopped me from working without my cast,for my own safety! ... "Some bosses Are Wonderful!"

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