Strained ankle- should I sleep with the bandage on?? ?!

Question: Strained ankle- should I sleep with the bandage on?? ?
Should I sleep with the bandage on my ankle and leg... I strained the mucle in my inner leg that connects the ankle to the leg.. Hehe ... Thanks guys


No need to wear it while you're sleeping, sitting or laying around. You only need to provide support to the ankle when you're trying to hobble around or do anything that could risk injuring or hurting it further. However, you should always try to keep it elevated to aid blood flow.

I suppose they put what we call a Jones bandage on your leg, which is the equivalent to a cast for fractures. Yes you should sleep with the bandage on. The trick is to keep the muscle immobile to give the muscle fibers the opportunity to regenerate correctly. This is signaled by a special sort of itch on and around the lesion. All the best.

No pls, or stalling your recover

yes, you should sleep with it on

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