I haven't had a cigarette since five yesterday. If i smoke now will i be ri!

Question: I haven't had a cigarette since five yesterday. If i smoke now will i be right back at the beginning?

dont do it..............eat a sandwich....filled with crisps....just two loafs of bread,buttered,,,,with a bag of crisps in the middle....the crunchyness will distract u


Try this book. It really worked for me. It's a whole different psychological approach to becoming a non-smoker.

It's obvious from your question that you're approaching this in the wrong way.

hey deepblue if you smoke a cigarette you will be right back where you started. I gave up the fags in january still off them touch wood. but i find when i get a craving for a fag i eat some fruit or i read an articile in a mag or a paper.

yip pretty much mate. if you do fall off (hopefully not) i find its better to have your last fag jsut before bed and tell yourself its the last one. If you smoke during the day you can't sleep through your first urges


I stopped over 25 yrs ago for the second time and I still crave at times. If you give in you are back at the start.

Dont give in Good luck

More than likely, they're very addictive. Once you hit you can't quit!

eat candy that you like to smooth the craving or keep busy.. youll keep your mind off it.

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