HELP! I'm in pain! What should I do?!

Question: HELP! I'm in pain! What should I do?
I know this is gross but I've pulled half of my big toe's nail out the skin when someone trod on it, in a dance. I've got it cleaned and plastered, but I'm still in pain and I've got to dance tomorrow and it kills to walk on let alone dance on. Does anyone have any ideas? I really want to dance tomorrow, please help me!

Thank you for your help!


Go to the doc and try soaking it! Good luck answer mine?

Omg that happenedto me!!!!! There's nothing u really can do.... It hurts but it's because the sensitive nerves are exposed with no protection. I'm sorry!! :(

Thanks for answering my question:))


Take a trip to your doctors

Grow a pair gah!

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