im so sick, any ideas to what it might be? easy ten points!?!

Question: Im so sick, any ideas to what it might be? easy ten points!?
I went to the doctor today and got a strep test, it came back negative.
here are my symptoms:

little stomach ache
Sore throat that came on suddenly yesterday afternoon, got slightly better this morning but still hurts terribly, I couldnt swallow and was spitting out my saliva because I couldnt swallow.
Dry cough
muscle aches/extrremly sore
feel like my body weighs ten times more than it actually does, hard to keep my head up
runny/stuffy nose
dizziness when standing
confused sometimes
hard to breath sometimes

do any of these symptoms match a virus and/or bacteria? thank you so much for your help!


If your still sick for 3 days after a negative strep, call your doctor and schedule for you come in to get a blood test for mono or something else. A blood test is usually the best way to tell if you have something other than a virus.

my own experience

That sounds like the flu. It probably is the flu but you may want to get tested for swollen glands or mono as well.

Change of seasons the flu. or allergy's.

Low Blood Pressure ?

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