how would i know if my appendix bursts or not?!

Question: How would i know if my appendix bursts or not?
I don't know whats up with my appendix but i feel dizzy, noshes, cramping in both right and left sides of my abdomen, and i can't get comfortable when i lay down ever!!! i don't know whats going on but i went to the hospital last year with the some of the same symptoms i have now. they did nothing, they just gave me medicine. it went away for a while but its back! please help!


Exactly the same position I'm currently in, near enough anyways. When you went to hospital last time, did they do any tests, examinations?

Take in mind, what you had then, may be something entirely different to now. So first of all, stay calm, and do not take any medication, such as painkillers, or paracetamol. Just in case you need to go to the ER or doctors, it can practically hide the signs, and make it seem as if there isn't anything going on, though you may feel differently.

Now, the answer to your question. You can't always tell if your appendix has burst or not, but most feel the pain goes suddenly. This is because the tension that has built up, is suddenly gone. However, the pain isn't gone for long, and it will become worse and worse as time passes. Even so, a burst or ruptured appendix is extremely dangerous.

''A burst appendix will be preceded by extreme abdominal pain that often starts near the belly button and then migrates to the lower right portion of the abdomen. You will experience nausea and possibly vomit. If you were to get up and attempt to walk with these symptoms the pain would begin to get even worse. If the appendix does burst the pain will lessen but you will then get a high fever, your abdominal region will swell up and your heart rate will get faster.''

Good luck, hope it's good news for you!

I had that too just a couple of months ago, and I got diagnosed with 'undiagnosed abdominal pains' and was sent home with paracetamol. If your appendix bursts you would know! A friend of mine could not even walk when hers burst, as the pain was so intense. The pain may go away in time, but if it gets worse go to your doctor and get some stronger painkillers.

Good luck and get well soon :)

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