How do I splint my pinky toe? Help!!?!

Question: How do I splint my pinky toe? Help!!?
Okay. So the story is very hard to explain, but basically I picked up my kitten and took her out of my room, and I put her down. Then I made a run for it to close my bedroom door so she couldn't get back in ( I don't like her in there). While running, my toe sort of " folded" back and now it hurts. How do I splint it?

P.S. I splinted it around my other toe with a ribbon, but, is there a BETTER way to splint it????????!!!!!


For some inexplicable reason, I always used to catch the pinky toe on my right foot against doorframes etc when I was a teenager. (It was flat against the rest of my toes so I have no idea why this kept happening.) It would get bent out sideways and hurt but I never did anything about it.

I doubt you need to do anything with your pinky. Just wear a pair of socks and shoes that give that part of yoru foot plenty of room but also protect it. (So some kind of shoes with a nice wide toebox.) If you have a hard soled boot (like a workboot or a hiking boot) that might be best.

Here's the interesting thing: I had my foot x-rayed for other reasons when I was around 40. The radiologist said, There's calcium buildup on your pinky toe, btw. I laughed because I knew that all that sideways bending had thickened up the joint a little bit. But anyway it's 100 percent, no problems.

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