Help in pain Maybe sprained ankle ?!

Question: Help in pain Maybe sprained ankle ?
Ok so today I just got back from my soccer game and I sort of tripped and I landed in my ankle so please don't call me stupid or anything and it hurts really bad and I barley can put presure on it. And I don't know if its sprained please help


Is it swollen? If so, is it really freakishly swollen or just lightly puffy? If it's freakishly swollen go to the doctor, if it's lightly puffy, it's probably just a basic sprain.
It's probably pretty possible you sprained it... If it's not abnormally weird looking (like swollen, purple, you can still move it, your foot isn't cold, it's not shaped weird... etc.)

Take some ibuprofen, put ice on it, keep it elevated, it should be still sore, but it shouldn't be as bad, if it still hurts a lot go to the doctor.

I just sprained my ankle, spent the last week in the doctors office, tore two ligaments, heard all this junk from 5 different doctors..

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