I have one blue eye and one green eye?!

Question: Is this normal. I feel like im special, my eyes stand out.

Answers: Is this normal. I feel like im special, my eyes stand out.

Well, not "normal" if by normal you mean common, but definatly not something to be ashamed of. I think it's neat. I bet you get a lot of curious people asking you about it though...

It is unusual - its also known as being "lynx eyed"

Dunno why.

Jane seymour, kate bosworth and david bowie have them as well

it isn't normal, you are so lucky! that would be awesome, you are an individual!

yes it is. Many times genes are both dominate so they both show. you are special because you carry 2 dominate traits. on the same part. but it is indeed perfectly normal.

That's so AWESOME! Seriously. Kate Bosworth has different eyes too:

You are special!! that is cool

wow its rare.i think it was caused by genetic mutations.i wish i was you my eyes are blue

thats frikin awsome dude..

totally richeous

Yeah, this is called Heterochromia. And the other people who answered are right. Kate Bosworth has it as well.

And that's pretty cool. u are special :)

cool =D

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