Ordering Contacts Online, BC???!

Question: Ordering Contacts Online, BC!?!?!?
Okay I have a prescription for Frequency 55 contacts, BC 8!.4, diameter 14!.2

They dont have that particular prescription online, but they have close ones!.

Acuvue : BC 8!.4
Diameter 14!.0 or 14!.40!.

Wondering if this small difference in diameter will matter!? I'm really poor but desperately need contacts, help!!?


Here try this link!. They appear to have the actual lenses you were prescribed!. I am not sure what your spherical number is, but they can probably fill the prescription for you!.

I have ordered from them a few times and you can even scan and e-mail your prescription!. It only took a few days to receive my last order and I have prescription for a toric lens with an uncommon axis!. They were much faster than my doctor was!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Well no matter what you're going to need the prescription to order them!. Perhaps you can have your doctor slightly adjust it for the contacts that are available online!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You shouldn't ever order any contacts that don't match your prescription exactly, especially if you haven't spoken with your eye doctor about it!.

1800contacts!.com does carry the Frequency 55's in your particular size!.!.!. http://www!.1800contacts!.com/lens/frequen!.!.!.

Chances are very good that you won't even be able to actually get those other contacts if they aren't the exact same size as you have been prescribed!. All the online stores are required by law to verify your scrip with your eye doctor!. When they see that it doesn't match up, they won't send the lenses out to you!. The verification is to protect the companies and you!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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