My eyes have been stinging on and off?!

Question: My eyes have been stinging on and off!?
Lately my eyes have been stinging really bad on and off!.

I looked closely at my eyes in the mirror, and they don't look red or puffy!. But I sometimes tear up when they sting!.

I recently switched from wearing contacts most of the time, to wearing glasses most of the time!. Could this be part of it!?

Or could it be seasonal allergies!? I've had congestion and it is Spring!.


OTC Zaditor is a twice a day eye drop for allergies and it is awesome!. About $15 a bottle, but awesome!. Use it at least 10 minutes before you put your caontacts in and after they are out!. Not with contacts in!. I use it in the mornign and at night!. IT is GREAT!Www@Answer-Health@Com

Don't take chances with your eyes!. Have your eye doc take a look at them!. It will only cost you an office visit and some meds!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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