What do to about red eye (contact lenses)?!

Question: What do to about red eye (contact lenses)?
I have worn contacts for about 3 years with no problems. I recently ran out of them and wore my glasses for around 4 months until I could get an eye appointment. When I got my new pair of contacts, I had trouble getting them out, and think I might have scratched my eye. It does not hurt, and I have no alteration of vision, but my eye has been red/bloodshot for the past few days. I haven't put my contacts back in since then and have been wearing glasses. Any ideas what I can do to get rid of the redness/bloodshot?


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I think you were very lucky to go 3 years without any problems. Most people I know usually get some problem like an eye infection which causes a break in their wearing of contact lenses.

I think the advice most people will give you is be relaxed to rest your eyes for a few daye and dont do anything silly. Then everything should return to normal. If it carries on for a few more days make an appointment with the relevant specialist. Some people say the doctor that specialises in eye diseases/disorders is best. But hopefully an optometrist will pickup if anything is seriously wrong with you.

Anyway judging by your approach to things up to now you seem a pretty sensible person. I'm sure your will end up fine.

Wish you the best.

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